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Antioxidant DTPD (3100)


Modified silicone oil ester KH-45

N,N'-xylyl-p-phenylenediamine (mixture)






Ethyl Silcate

Silane coupling agent KH-858

Antioxidant DTPD(3100)

Antioxidant DTPD(3100), which can be classified in p-phenlene antioxidant groups, is excellent antiozonant to chloprene rubber. It is the effective antioxidant used in the tyre industry and also widely used for rubber products.
DTPD can resist ozone, its capacity to resist flexibility and cracking is similar to antioxidant 4010 NA or 4020, superior to antioxidant AD.
DTPD , particularly mixed with the samw amount 4020 or 4010 NA. is the most antiozonant style to extend the useful life of tyre. The reason is that the two kinds antioxidant have synergism.Antioxidant 4020 and 4010 NA provide the short-time protection at the beginning. while DTPD provides the long-term protection.


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