Ethyl Silcate

Product name Ethyl Silcate
CAS NO. 78-10-4
Product Image
Product description Molecular formula:Si(OC2H5)4
Physical properties: colorless liquid, irritating odor, specific gravity (d2020 ° C) 0.9356, boiling point 168.1 ° C, melting point 110 ° C (sublimation), freezing point -77 ° C, insoluble in water, soluble in ethanol, slightly soluble in benzene. Hydrolysis produces a silica acid stickies.
Technical indicators:
Appearance: colorless liquid
Content: ≥97%
Boiling point: 168.1 ° C
Specific gravity: 0.9356
PH value: 7
Use Mainly used in chemical resistant coatings and heat resistant coatings, silicone solvents and precision casting binders. Completely hydrolyzed to produce very fine silica powder, used in the manufacture of phosphors, can also be used as a chemical reagent
Package 25KG or 200kg plastic drum. Protected from light and sealed

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